Artist’s Statement

My rule in regard to my artist process is simple: immediately create. My mark-making precedes my vision. Instead of deciding what I want to portray about a subject before beginning, I interpret it first by wrestling with it throughout the creative process. The resulting work is a transformation of the subject based upon this process.

A similar method is used when searching for my next project. I snap pictures indiscriminately, capturing moments and scenes that will be explored later. I do not start with a specific subject in mind; rather, it emerges through the moments caught on camera. When it is nearly time to put paint to canvas, I explore my artifacts for inspiration, seeking the next image to be transformed via the creative process. The photograph itself is but the germination of the work to come – only as the image crawls its way across the canvas do I begin to see the subject matter as it will be. The final product is a transcendence of the original photograph: an oil-based offspring of the literal image and the artist’s eye.

My ambition is for my viewers to see and feel and understand the subject in the way that I do. My creation is my voice.